Five Dreams in One Night

Seven days ago, I asked God to put His dream for my life in my heart. Not my dream…but His dream.

Five days ago, I got the vision and felt the fire begin to burn inside of me. I heard the Lord speak to my heart and say, “Look around you, (at the people of the world) these are your children now. Serve them in love like a mother to her own child.”

You see, I had been complaining to Him saying, “What am I going to do with my life now that all of my children are grown and moved out of the house? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life, Lord?”

In the last three days, God has sent two prophets to speak into my life to reveal what is ahead for me and the roadmap to get me there.

Then last night he gave me five dreams in a row. After contemplating each of them I came to understand that they were not only for me and my development but also for yours.

The dreams last night were given to ask me questions. To look for willingness.

Not just my willingness, but yours.

Are you willing to do what is needed to create a culture of people full of selfless servanthood?

God has given me a vision to create a culture of people who will change our world. These dreams are the beginning phase.

Here are the dreams:

I was in an old woman’s house. The house was extremely run down and rancid in every way. The floors were disgusting. There was garbage and filth in the stairways and walkways. The kitchen sink was filled with putrid disgusting water, dishes, grime and every putrid thing. I knew she needed help getting things cleaned up because she could not do it on her own. So I began to move things around in the sink to try to find a way to release the putrid water. There was no way to do it besides plunging my hands into it to release the plug from the bottom. I can remember feeling so repulsed at the thought of putting my hands in that mess but at the same time I knew it needed to be done and there was no other way. So, in love for her I did it without complaining or showing any outward sign that I felt repulsed. I needed her to know I loved her and nothing in her life could cause me to respond with anything less than perfect accepting love.

I began doing the dishes and cleaning up the mess with clean water from the tap when I heard people knocking on the door. I noticed the people there were wanting to come in and shame her. It was then that I saw a young woman who I believed to be her daughter (mid 30’s) sitting in a room off to the left. She was sitting on a dirty blanket naked. I felt pity and empathy for her because I knew the men and women outside were going to come in and would ridicule her, shame her and see her nakedness. So I grabbed a blanket and I placed it around her and covered her.

The dream changed and I was outside in a zoo setting. I saw a large rodent in need of help. It was a Cappi Barra one of the largest rodents known to man. No one wanted to help it because of what it was and that it represented filth. But I felt compassion for it and picked it up. I carried it back to it’s safe place in the zoo and put it back into it’s enclosure making sure that it had food and water while others just watched on looking at me as if I was disgusting for doing so.

The dream changes again and I see myself riding on a riding lawn mower. My entire yard is full of beautiful flowers. More beautiful than you could imagine your yard being. But in the dream I was mowing the flowers down and looking off into the world like this was normal without a care in the world at what I was destroying.

The dream changes again and I see myself with a bucket of water and a wash rag standing behind two vehicles. One was an older vehicle with a lot of bugs, grime, oil and such on the back that needed to be washed off. The second car was a beautiful high dollar sports car. Both belonged to the same person.

I can remember looking at the sports car and saying, “man I sure would love to have that for myself.”

Even in the dream I knew these two vehicles belong to this person as a gift. They were given by God.

As I’m admiring the beautiful new sports car God gave this man, I knew what was needed from me was to wash the imperfections off of them for him.

End of dreams.

Now for the interpretations.

God is looking for a people who are willing to do whatever is needed to lovingly clean up the lives of those who are in even the worst of dire straits. The house both represents what could be their actual living conditions or it can represent how they look inside their hearts. Will we get deeply involved in their life and help clean things up?

God is looking for a people willing to serve at such an incredible level of selflessness that no matter how repulsive their situation may be we are willing to plunge our hands into it completely and clean up their mess. Showing so much love that the person who is in that terrible situation would never know that you felt anything less than pure love for them. No shame. No guilt. No condemnation. Only pure servant hood in love.

God is looking for a people who when they see the world looking for opportunities to bring about guilt, shame and condemnation, when we see the nakedness of another, we do not join forces with the world, but join forces with God. We are willing to cover them up to hide their shamefulness from the world in love. Though we see everything the world sees about them, our response is love. Our response is to cover their shamefulness, treating them with honor, respect, and the utmost compassion to bring about healing.

God is looking for a people who are willing to touch the things of the world that the world is unwilling to touch with love. Picking up and caring for the rodent represented the filth of the world in its largest proportion’s. (Place what you consider the filth of the world here)

God is looking for a people who are willing to show compassion in the worst of situations where things seem disgusting and full of filth, God is looking for those who will show love and compassion without reservation even if it means that everyone around them will look down at them and think less of them and think you are disgusting for doing so.

Do you have a fear of man? Or do you fear God?

The fear of God does not cause fear within us, it causes us to honor him instead of honoring man. It causes you to do what is right in His sight no matter the thoughts of others. Are you willing to be rejected by man to be accepted by God by doing what is right. Do you trust God to honor you in His timing?

This one was strongly for me, but I also knew that it would touch you as well.

The dream had to do with God giving gifts to others. Some of those gifts I would find very attractive and wish to have for myself. But what God was asking in the dream was would I be willing to cleanse and purify the gifts of others for him? To refine their beauty?

Would I be willing to become a servant to all of whom God gives His precious gifts?

God is calling me as he is calling you to be a servant of all. Not feeling jealousy, not feeling like you need to have the highest position. But instead, to place yourself in submission to such a great extent that no matter what God places in front of you, be it the woman with the house that is filth and is the lowest of the low, or it is one of his elite servants greatly gifted in every way who looks like they have it all, will you serve them equally? “Will you serve them for me,” asks the Lord.

Lastly, God revealed that we who are in Christ have been given so much beauty. Our personal life garden is full of color, fragrance, and incredible individual yet a multitude of flowering life. But we are blind to it as we focus our eyes on the things out in the world. We blindly, without looking at what we have in Him, mow down all the beauty as if it has no value at all.


The Lord is crying out to you to stop and look at all He has given you. See it! Enjoy it’s beauty. Sit still and breath in His fragrance before you destroy all that is good by focusing outward at all that is in this world.

If you can’t see it, then the journey begins with you. Right now. Seek Him and ask Jesus to open your eyes so that you can see the beauty you have in Him.

Jesus loves you and has much to show you.

Lord I pray for each one who took the time to read this, that you build within them a selfless servants heart. That they find joy in loving everyone they see as more valuable than themselves. Trusting that you personally will care for all of their needs. No one can out give You, Lord.

I pray they see your glory and are drawn to keep their eyes on you and all that is good.

Heal them Lord. Help them to see and understand that it is as we reach out to heal and bless others that we ourselves are also healed and blessed. We can change the world. We can change our community by becoming the culture we wish to see.

All glory to Jesus Christ my King. Amen

My answer to Him is, Yes Lord.

What’s yours?

Go Be Love

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