The most influential and life transforming element of Christianity for me has been the power of the prophetic

The most influential and life transforming element of Christianity for me has been the power of the prophetic.

I had experienced the prophetic here and there for some years, but it wasn’t until four years ago that God would bring someone into my life that would transform me forever!

When you meet people who know nothing about you…and yet they know everything about you….it will mess with your head!

And that is exactly what happened. For almost two years, I had a mentor who could read my mail! It was like he was sitting in the room with me while I was having my alone times with God. He just knew my stuff! He knew things about my past, he knew my current issues and he saw where God was taking me in the future.

Sometimes, he would tell me things word for word that I had said in private. This just blew my mind!

But then, God would go even further and He started bringing a company of prophetic people around me. So now, I not only had one friend who could read me like a book, but I had many friends who could. It was as if nothing was private any longer. Because, my thoughts, feelings, emotions, ambitions, fears, sins and so much more seemed to be laid bare for all to see. God knows all things and He reveals things to His children who love Him.

This caused me to re-evaluate my life. What if every single person everywhere could read my thoughts? What if every motive of my heart was known by all and I only thought it was hidden and secret?

You would think that that would be frightening. But it had a strange affect on me. I got super excited about it! It caused me to become a witness. A witness of myself. I began to really pay attention to all of my thoughts. Why I thought the things I thought. It caused me to evaluate all my motives, all my desires and who I really was inside. Would I be OK if everyone saw my inner self?

This began a deep purification process. My favorite quote of all time is: Your character is determined by what you do when no one is looking. I had already been working on my character along those lines. But this was a whole nother level. I would now be living my life as if everyone was looking at what was in my heart and thoughts.

The fruit of the Spirit became my counsel and guide. I would use these to mold my thoughts and to judge just what was really in my own heart. Was I full of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

I would take these one by one and judge my heart. When I found a place where I fell short, I would camp out there until I felt I had matured in that area. If I lacked patience, I looked for ways to be more patient. To grow in kindness, I looked for ways to purposefully be kind and so on.

I also used I cor. 13:4. I actually have a large wall hanging with this verse on it at the foot of my bed. I can look at it every morning and every evening and evaluate my heart.

Were my thoughts and desire of my heart patient? Were my thoughts kind? Was I jealous? Or boastful? Proud? Or rude? Was I demanding my own way? Irritable? Was I keeping records of wrongs committed against me? Was I rejoicing in the truth always and not rejoicing with injustices? Love never gives up, never loses faith and is always hopeful. It endures through every circumstance.

I began to live my life on purpose. I lived purposefully with intention.

But here’s the next cool thing. Not only was I becoming a much better person who was unafraid of the idea that others could read my thoughts and intentions…I discovered that the precept Jesus wrote about when He said, “first remove the plank from your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers eye. Matt 7:5 was more literal than I could have fully understood until I had done the work.

As I became more cleared of all that was wrong in my own heart, I noticed that when I was focused on someone, I could see their stuff! The spirits that were active in them where highlighted for me and I could see them clearly.

What gets even more cool, is that I began to “see” or “hear” with my entire self. I began to experience people. Meaning, I could feel what they were feeling, I felt their negative spirits and could sense them in many new ways. I could feel and “see” people’s intentions. I knew when they were lying and why they were lying.

I began to “see” what spirits were active in their lives. I began to feel God’s heart for them and see them from the eyes of love and deep motherly compassion. I also, could see their fears, hopes and most interestingly, I could see what stage their relationship with God was at.

The prophetic in my assessment, is the most powerful tool God has given us to reveal Christ Jesus AND the relationship that is possible for us to have with Him.

With this ability to hear God for others and to reveal hidden things through the workings of Holy Spirit, we are able to show that God is really real! He LIVES and is alive in us! The prophetic took me on a journey of discovery. Discovery of just how intimately God knows us individually. Discovery of how intimately God will work together with His children to reveal Christ to others. And also, it caused me to evaluate myself in incredible ways which then transformed me in ways I am still unfolding to this day.

It is my prayer that you too are surrounded with the prophetic and that you yourself walk in it for the glory of God in Christ Jesus!

Lisa Beth Adams

Go Be Love

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