Power over spiritual forces of darkness

There are secrets of power in the bible hidden in plain site. They are secret to those who are perishing. It is even hidden from those looking in who are actually looking for it. The word of God can only be understood by the Spirit of God.

God desires relationship. That is the purpose for which He sent His Son Jesus, to give us the cleared path back into fellowship with Himself.

As is with any love affair of the heart, the lover wants to gaze endlessly at the one their heart beats for. The more the two gaze into one another’s eyes and spend countless hours talking, sharing, reminiscing and learning every little detail about one another, deeper and deeper secrets are shared and revealed. Trust is established with a knowing that you would protect this love at all cost. Even unto death. There is no thought about one’s own life. You wish only to live to please this one that has so stolen your heart. You feel crushed inside at the very thought that you’ve done something to grieve them or hurt them in any way.  You feel panicky at the thought of losing them. Life has no value outside of them.

This is the relationship that must be cultivated with Jesus. Our betrothed. As we do so, His Spirit begins to teach us what true love is. How it functions. How it is the power that creates worlds, universes and is the great power that overcomes every form of darkness.

In the Scriptures, God used men, through the direction of Holy Spirit, to write to us the precepts of love.

I am going to use one of those precepts to reveal to you the concept of how to walk in tremendous power! The inhabitants of this world crave to walk in power. You see it everywhere you look. TV is saturated with superheros and villians who boast great and unnatural powers. Every sense you were a little child, you wished to be able to do things that were impossible to do. You jumped off furniture as you desired to fly like superman. People who don’t know the love of Christ look for power from the dark side. They will go to great lengths to become power filled and able to do unnatural things. It is hard wired inside of us to be amazing! To do impossible things! This is because we are created in the very image of the One who is the most super-natural powerful being to ever be.

Something inside us is drawn to be just like our creator!

Ahhhhh….there is hope! There IS fulfillment! Thank you, Jesus for coming to put us back into right relationship with God and for showing us by example what we are meant to look like as holy, set apart, righteous children of the Most High God!

God laid out precepts to help us know how to define the difference between love that is pure and self love that leads to death. I am now going to use one of those precepts to describe to you the how and why overcoming the self love is so vitally important and how it will lead to powers that will cause you to live every moment of your day in excitement of what is going to happen next!

For this example, I am going to use the issue of lust. Reason being….most everyone can relate to this one in some way or another.

First, lets look at a clip of Jesus’s walk. in Mark 1:24 Jesus met up with a man possessed by a legion of devils. They, the devils, cried out in a loud voice! “Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with you, you Jesus of Nazareth? are you come to destroy us? I know you, who you are, the Holy One of God.”

There is something you need to see here. The devils cried out, “what have we to do with you.” or “what have we in common with you.” You see,  Jesus was without sin. He had NOTHING in common with a devil. He was not in agreement with them. He gave no place for them in his heart. He did not entertain them. There was nothing in Jesus that looked like them. Because of this, he had complete power and authority to cast them out and they knew it!

Jesus was just a man, just as we are. He lived to show us what is possible for us in righteousness in Him.

Devils can’t take a hold on you unless you, by your free will, give them a place in you. Jesus made this a simple thing for us. In James 4:7 we are given the answer, Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

There are two steps there. Many at times try to resist the devil. But they forget to submit themselves, all of themselves, to God.

One of the ways I pray always is to release my life and all that I am and all that I have to God. I give my life to Him and tell Him, I belong to You. Show me what You will do with one such as me. I release myself to God, in His care, trusting Him, then, I resist the devil and give it no place in me. I do not believe you can do the later without the former.

I will say it a thousand times if I need to for it to become plain to see that it is the answer to all things…..trust and put your constant and continuous faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, led by His Holy Spirit. You can do nothing outside of Christ! John 15:5

The next thing I need you to see here is that they knew who Jesus was! They knew where He came from and whose Son He was. Likewise, they know who YOU are. It is a teaching for another time how they can see what light you carry or what darkness. You give off energy that they understand as a language.

For the purposes of this teaching, understand that they know who you belong to and what power you carry. This is why they either openly fear you as they did Jesus, or they simply ignore you because they see you don’t know who you are and are at this time, no threat.

With the knowledge from the scripture shared above, you can now see that if you are dealing with lust, it has something in common with you. It sees itself in you like looking in a mirror.

This is why God teaches you to have not even a hint of immorality in you. In doing so, you are entertaining a devil and it therefore, does not fear you.

When you are truly free from a sin, continuing here with the spirit of lust, you can see it.

What do I mean, you can see it? Remember the scripture where Jesus said, “first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matt 7:5 Well, did you also know that we see with the eyes of our heart?

Eph 1:18 says: I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…..

Check this out! On my own personal journey, I desired to be as clean of heart as Jesus. meaning, nothing of darkness in common with me. So, as I prayed against the spirit of lust, God set me free from it. I literally don’t have that spirit. The way you will know that you are free from a spirit is that it no longer has any voice in your life. There is no longer any desire or even thought of it. Something that used to trigger you, you no longer see it the same way.

Let me give you an example. This is for men….let’s say you would get triggered by a woman walking by whose cleavage was right out there for all to see.  And for some of you, just reading that sentence triggered you. When you are free from that spirit, you will see that girl as one who doesn’t know who she is, how valuable she is and that her heart is the greatest place to reveal her beauty.. She would know that dressing that way is working in hand with the spirit of lust causing many who are weak and under it’s influence to be triggered and to sin in their hearts against her and God. The reasons she dressed that way can vary, but the free man will see her with a fathering heart, a brother’s heart, one who wants to protect her not harm or take advantage of her.

You will see the world with new eyes!

Now, it gets even better!

I told you you would see it right? As you become sensitive to perceptions, your spirit, that is joined tightly with God’s Spirit, will “see” lust on others.

Here are some examples of things that have happened in the last couple years. One evening, I was on the phone with a male friend. We’ve known each other for years and have a very healthy relationship.  But, on this one night, I felt the spirit of lust and perversion coming off of him. Not towards me…but the spirit was there and I felt it in my spirit. I instantly knew he was under an attack and without speaking verbally, I attacked this spirit from within. I got angry with IT, not HIM! Understand this very very clearly!! We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph 6:12

People get ruled by things that have authority (because we were weak and entertained them, giving them permission in our lives) therefore there are powers in this dark world that rule us until we get free. Fight the enemy, not the man/woman.

I got angry with this spirit and I pushed it with my spirit and yelled (inside) GET OFF OF HIM! In Jesus name!

Love always protects and it is our job to protect those we love from attacks of the enemy.

The next day, this man came out of his closet and confessed openly to people who would help him overcome his sin. He had been trapped in pornography. He had no idea that I had cast out the demon the night before. But his confession showed that what I had done in the spirit worked! He was free from it’s grip, could see clearly, and Holy Spirit gave him boldness to stand against it and bring him into full deliverance. God is so good!

I have done this three different times now with three different men. Two of them were face to face. The results each time were instant! Each time I would feel the spirit, I would forcefully push it out from within and instantly I would see the man change before my eyes. It is quite fascinating to me!

The freedom I had gave me eyes to see it and authority to cast it out. God desires you to be free from sin for more reasons than you are aware of.

Do all things from compassion. Compassion is extremely powerful! Jesus was filled with compassion! It was what moved Him to heal people. Jesus was tempted in all ways that we have been tempted and therefore, He completely understands what we are struggling with. If you have had a hard struggle in an area, you too will understand those who are still caught up in it. God uses what the enemy meant for harm and turns it into good. (you having compassion towards others) Once you are free, you can see to set others free.


This is just one precept. Now imagine yourself with a pure heart. That no sin lives in you. You will automatically, KNOW when a spirit is present. You will see it. Feel it. Feel it try to manifest around you.

God didn’t put the precepts in the bible to make your life difficult. He put them in there to show you the path to become superhuman! YOU get to destroy the evil villain and set the captives free through Christ Jesus!

Power, without Jesus, is nothing! Power is nothing outside of love, Go Be Love!

Lisa Beth Adams



Go Be Love

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